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Yelp Reviews not recommended–Why not?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

As you will see, we have several reviews that Yelp will not recommend. These kind people took time out of their day to write a review and Yelp will not honor it. I am thrilled with the reviews and yet so disappointed with YELP.

5.0 star rating


John has been repairing my cars for over 12 years. I have always received the very best service and would trust John for any repairs and his advice has always been good. I purchased a 2004 s60r 3 years ago from him and has have never regretted it .John has always made time to address my concerns over the phone or if i stop by and he takes a quick drive with me. I will never take any of my cars to any one else. Thank you John for the personal care you have always shown me and my cars.


About 15 months ago, I bought a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 101,000 miles from their sales side and the experience was excellent.   While not necessarily the cheapest, they spent a considerable amount of their time and dollars getting the vehicle in top shape before letting me take it.

On 8/15/14, I picked up the Jeep from service after taking it in for a tune/oil change and to repair the front axle and brakes.   The estimate was $1200 but it ending up being $1050.  They provided a ride home after dropping it off and picked me up when it was ready.  The work was done right and in a reasonable time.  Terry the service writer was particularly friendly and helpful.  I don’t think you do any better!

J. W.

Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

These Guys work on my 911 Porsche and other cars cars not only are they knowledgeable and thorough but speedy. You wouldn’t believe how quickly the owner, John, fixed the cams on my 911. He has also worked on my 1950 MG TD. His crew is very capable and helpful. I have never been sold something I didn’t need.

Gary P.
Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

John and Terry take great care of my Mercedes Benz SL500. They are honest, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the cars they service. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and have recommended them to everyone I know.

Kari S.
Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

I recently took my BMW to European Motor Cars based on a recommendation from a few co-workers. I was blown away by the customer service and quick turn around on an issue with my breaks. I was even more blown away when I got a VERY reasonable bill! I would recommend them to anyone with a European car. Thank you!!!

Laura M.
Loveland, CO
5.0 star rating

I recently took our 2012 Tiguan to European motor cars. Not only were they very professional but courteous as well. My last oil service was done at the local VW dealership and they forgot to reset my service light. European motor cars was more than willing to reset the light free of charge. The Volkswagen dealer wanted $75 to do so! In reading a recent negative review for these guys I couldn’t help but notice that the reviewer had a very large chip on her shoulder. To me it sounds like she wanted to take out her frustration on European since she got screwed by the repair shop she visited.

It’s been my experience that these guys go above and beyond as one would expect a small business owner to do. As stated on over a month ago, I will always take our cars to European.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.. I am sad that your reviews are not listed on Yelp and hope they will be soon!

Audi Repair

Welcome to our Service Center

Positive Review for Sales!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Sign LogoPerhaps one of the finest shopping experiences I’ve ever had. This out of the way, little hamlet is worth a drive to come see! The guy running the place (Kevin) is one of the most knowledgeable, courteous & professional salespeople I’ve ever dealt with. His humor is also very welcome- so many sales people are all business. Kevin makes it fun to buy in what often times is a very stressful process. The only negative I could come up with is the size of this lot! It needs another 20 cars to offer up a better selection. Although, Kevin is sure to find anything you may need.

This place bucks the trend of typical car dealers. You know, the guy in the plaid suit that wants only one thing (all your money). Their prices are very fair for the high quality pre-owned vehicles they are offering. Was very surprised that they not only give you the CarFax, but Autocheck as well. I prefer the Autocheck ’cause it isn’t supported by dealer $$$ and advertising! Autocheck even scores the car on the merits of ownership. Any way, that’s my two cents worth on the reports.

This place has really evolved in the past year. Looks better than it ever has. Office is kept very clean. Cars are professionally cleaned and lined up in what can only be called “west point cadet precision”. Good move in getting the service center moved across the street. Less cross talk between sales and service customers. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next few years!

Please stop by and visit with European Motor Cars! We need to support good businesses like this in our town. You will not be disappointed.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

I had my car worked on at EMC two days ago and I would just like to express how impressed I was with them!!

As a broke college student, I was hoping to fix my car for as little as possible. They gave me an estimate and guaranteed that it would not cost any more. Knowing that there would not be any incidental costs or fees added on took some stress off my shoulders. Everyone who works there is very friendly and down to earth while still being professional. It only took them one day to fix all the problems my car had (ignition cassette, water pump, power steering, air control valve for my heat and a/c). I had expressed to them that I was on a tight budget but that I’d like to fix as much as I can. They put a new water pump in but were able to solve my cassette problem by replacing the plugs. They put an effort in to test out different options before replacing the whole cassette-which would be expensive. They also looked into my pwr steering leak and were able to replace some hoses and tighten things up instead of replacing the (very slightly leaking) pump. They also went out of their way to fix (not replace) my control valve for my heat and a/c and to reattach some loose wires that were causing my headlight to not work.

The original estimate to replace my ignition cassette and water pump was about 1,277.00 for parts and labor. When I came to pick my car up, the bill was about 800.00 and they had only had to replace the water pump. They had found a way to fix (for as minimal of a cost as possible) my; cassette problem, power steering, heating and a/c distribution valve and power steering. They also provided transportation to and from the shop so I didn’t need to coordinate rides with my roommates.

I would have had to sell my car (in a condition where it isn’t able to run), if they hadn’t have been able to fix the things they did for the cost they did.

I wholeheartedly recommend European Motor Cars!
Madison Gruber

Angie's List Review – A rating!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Work Completed Date: May 29, 2012
Last Modified Date: August 03, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $150.00

Description Of Work:
Had a failed steering rack on my 1999 S70 Volvo replaced.  This was the third warranty replacement for a steering rack.  I paid extra to get a different grade of steering rack installed this time.

Member Comments:
Reasonably well. They have honored their warranties, despite having to install a total of four steering racks in this car. The first I paid for as a repair, the next three have all been under warranty and they’ve covered it all – except this last time, we agreed to put in a higher end rack and I paid a portion of the add cost. This might sound negative, but I recently found out just how much above and beyond they had gone to try to diagnose what is causing these parts to fail and to try to prevent it. The previous trip in, they inserted a filter in the steering fluid line to see if particles of metal were coming from the power steering pump and maybe the cause of the damage to the racks. I hadn’t even realized they had done this until I recently contacted them about another issue.

They have never once tried to push the blame on me for these defective racks and it is clear that they are doing everything they can to help me get this old Swede back in running shape.
I like their approach, their pricing (compared to a Volvo dealership, anyway!) and their commitment to doing things right.

Company Response:
We are very happy that this problem is solved and appreciate your patience with these defective racks.  I am glad you had the experience of really seeing the quality John provides and that he really does care about you and your car.  Thank you for the positive review.