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It’s Summertime — Su Su Summertime!!!

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

I heard on the news that …um…well… It’s Summertime!!! Woo Hoo!!  ok sing it with me… Summertime, summertime.. Su Su Summertime..

The good news… the gas prices are expected to remain low.

The other good news!! European Motor Cars is ready for you to schedule your appointment to get your AC serviced, new brakes and good overall health of your car ready to go for SUMMER!!!

Have fun!.. and Drive Happy!


Election 2016

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Yes.. this is the year.. the big year..some hate it…some love it. We get to choose a new President to lead our country.

We all have our opinions. I can tell you that even here at European Motor Cars #EMCinc we have several differing opinions about the state of our country and who should be elected as president. The key factor here is that we honor each person’s right to have an opinion. We do not judge each other nor do we condemn an opinion that is not our own. We encourage everyone to agree to disagree and keep their ears open as there is always something to learn regardless if it resonates with them personally or not.

With this in mind.. we realize that we here at European Motor Cars has to campaign and try to win the election each time you choose to have your car maintained or worked on due to a problem. Like the election, we have our loyal followers, we have a few that don’t like us at all and we have all the “independents” who choose based on what they feel like at the time of the need.

We want your vote!!! We feel here that we are the best at what we do. We are honest to a fault. Your car means as much to us as it does to you (ok, maybe not as much as you, however a close second). We know that when your car is sick..that illness affects everyone in the family. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable, friendly service done right. A healthy car equals a happy customer.

We love positive and honest reviews. We also love the opportunity that if we fall short of an expectation, that we are given the chance to make it right.

#1. Don’t let this year stress you out!
#2.Keep your car healthy.
Let us take care of #2 which will help out with #1.

Allison Dunning
BOH Manager

Stolen VW Vanagon

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

stoeln van4

stolen van1

stolen van2

stolen van3My heart is heavy. I guess I live in an enchanted land where people just do the right thing.

A Volkswagen Vanagon was stolen last week. — It is not the most beautiful vehicle, it leaks oil and has a list of problems. However, someone decided that they needed this vehicle for some reason.

My guess is that is it a homeless, transient person(s). The night it was stolen a woman and her baby came up to our owner and told him her story of how she recently found herself without a home. John gave her $10.00 to feed her child and even said to come back the next day if she needed another $10.00. John would give the shirt off his back to help people. Anyway, while his back was turned and he was helping out another customer, the van was stolen. I suspect it was this woman and her baby and maybe a man who was lurking in the background.

I suspect this vehicle is not being driven… It is parked somewhere and this small family is living in the van. I understand… I do… however it is not OK to steal from another person… no way!! No How!!

If caught, the woman will be charged with Grand Theft Auto!… She will most likely loose custody of her baby and spend time in jail. I REALLY don’t want this to happen. However, the owner of this vehicle would really like it back, or to work out a deal with the person who wants/needs it so bad.

If you hear of, know of, or suspect anything that might lead to the recovery of this Vanagon, European Motor Cars is offering a reward to the person who directly helps us recover it. This is a terrible situation… all of our hearts are heavy because of this. Your help is crucial… Keep your eyes out and look for this vehicle and call the cops when you see one parked in the back yard or a camping spot or a homeless gathering area. The van is not mechanically strong enough for a long distant trip….so I don’t suspect it has journeyed too far.

It is cream colored, a little rusty on the bottom. it does have an intact pop top camper top common to the Westy’s.

Mercedes Repair – Fort Collins

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Face it.. there are so many choices today. European Motor Cars is one of many places to take your Mercedes Benz if you are in need of repair.

However, I encourage you to ask yourself. “Do I want someone who has been working on Mercedes for only a few years because they think there is money in them?” or “Do I want someone who has built a business around European cars who has special training on Mercedes Benz?”

If your choice is the 2nd option, I encourage you to book an appointment with European Motor Cars – 970-484-0040. The owner of this shop is still actively involved with each customer and with each car that comes into the shop. While you may think this is awesome… (well it is!) we understand that taking care of your car is also taking care of you. Our goal is to keep our customer’s cars on the road and the cars happy and healthy. This in turn creates a stress free experience for our customers when the car is NOT in the shop.

We realize that it is always stressful when your car enters a shop for maintenance and repair. Especially when it is an expensive repair. We do our best to get you back on the road as fast as possible at the best price we can. Is this the best business model for the best profit? No.. however we do this business because it is in our blood. Does our shop need to make a profit off of every car that comes in? Absolutely!! To expect otherwise is not knowing that businesses need to make money to stay in business.

European Motor Cars Inc, has the ability to correctly service and repair your Mercedes Benz with a low pressure approach at the best price possible. However with that being said, we do not provide a band-aid repair service. We fix it RIGHT so it does not break again. If needed, EMC will give you a list of things that are needing to be fixed in the future and a recommended timeline.

Choose wisely. You chose a Mercedes Benz, one of the best cars in the world. Why would you trust your car to anyone else?

Celebrating 20 years!

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

IMG_0809I remember the days BC (before children) when life was simpler and things seemed less intense. John Mitchell moved out to Fort Collins from South Georgiaand started a little company called European Motor Cars. The shop was over off Link Lane. It is still there..just another company now. Immediately the shop was filled with Mercedes, Audi’s, BMW’s and VW’s needing some tender loving care.

Those were the days… Now, European Motor Cars Inc is a bustling business off Mulberry and Riverside with a Sales Lot and a 9 bay shop. John still manages to talk to most of his customers face to face and oversee and support the A+ rated techs in the back. He often times can be found working on project cars in the back or picking up work when there is too much to do.

We are proud of this “little” shop. It has grown up with the loving care of John and Bob Mitchell. As we look towards the future, we see a lot more years of providing amazing Sales and Service to the people of Northern Colorado.

We wish for everyone safe adventures with your cars. We will be here when you need us.

Here’s to another 20 years!
Allison Dunning
European Motor Cars Inc.

Angies List

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at

Hello European car enthusiasts and users. Angies list is a great place to see what people are saying about companies you are shopping and spending your money with. We of course would love it if you would write a review about our experience with us as well. Of course we love the positive reviews the best!

Here is the link to our site on Angies List.. to make it easier to access!



Fall Colors Drive – October 2014

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

fallcolors2014 peakto peak highway map

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for the fall colors drive. We had a beautiful day, although a bit windy. It was the perfect Colorado day. Terry our fearless leader guided us through Nederland and up to Black Hawk traveling part of the peak to peak highway.

For those of you who missed it.. Maybe you can join us for our Spring Flowers drive. Stay tuned for those date announcements.

European Motor Cars is dedicated to making your car operate as efficiently and safely as possible.  When all things are good with you and your car, we encourage you to take time enjoying your car.  Going out for a drive in our lovely Colorado back yard is one the best ways to spend some quality time with people you love and see what Colorado has to offer.

We love to see Audi’s, BMW’s, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Saab, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Volvo and Porsche owners out enjoying their cars.

Don’t forget, winter is coming.  Allison is predicting a White Winter Wonderland with lots of snow.  Make sure you are on top of the curve and get your car ready for winter.  Check you tires, wipers and coolant and the very minimum.

Buying a car online?

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
Stock Photo

Stock Photo

Food for Thought!!

What You Need To Know About Buying a Car Online
Buying used cars over the Internet is convenient—and it’s also a great place for scam artists looking to get their hands on your money.
In recent years, along with the increase in online car purchases, there’s been a huge rise in online fraud. According to the 2012 Internet Crime Complaint Center annual report, online auto fraud accounted for over 17,000 complaints, adding up to $64 million in consumer losses.
The scam usually begins with a used car being advertised on a respectable website – with some urgent-sounding reason for an incredibly low asking price. Before you decide on buying the type of car you want, get a quote on car insurance for the vehicle to see what it’s going to cost you.
Online car-buying scams are getting more sophisticated; increasingly, they are using website designs that look very similar to the legitimate companies’ websites, sometimes even displaying the legitimate companies’ logos.
Scammers are even going so far as to include 800 numbers and live-chat with unsuspecting buyers to provide more detailed information on the fake buyer- protection programs they play up. So, what can you do to prevent from becoming a victim? First, watch out for these red flags.
• Advertise cars at too-good-to-be true prices. • Want to move transactions from the original website to another site. • Claim that the transaction is guaranteed by PayPal, Craigslist, eBay, or other online marketplace. These sites do not guarantee that people using their services are genuine. • Refuse to meet in person or allow potential buyers to inspect the car ahead of time. Avoid Sellers Who:
• Ask for funds to be wired ahead of time. (Scammers use wire transfers because it’s the same thing as sending cash in the mail. Once the money is gone, it’s lost for good.) • Demand immediate payment due to some phony reason, such as military deployment or a tragic family emergency. • Require that the money be sent to a specific escrow account. You should choose the escrow service. Avoid Sellers Who:
Call the seller to establish phone contact. If the seller ignores details agreed to via e-mail or is unable to answer questions about their location or the car’s whereabouts, it’s probably a scam. Actions to protect yourself:
• Get your own CARFAX report (Scammers pull real CARFAX reports of real cars to represent fake listings. • Check with the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Their free database includes flood damage and other information about a car’s history. • Verify that the online escrow company you are using is legitimate. Check their Web site for spelling or grammatical errors – they may have been copied from real sites. Actions to protect yourself:
• Visit the escrow’s Web site directly, not through a link sent to you by the seller. • Research the escrow company through the Better Business Bureau. Actions to protect yourself:
Remember, the crooks cast a wide net for potential victims, sending out millions of e-mails in hopes that someone bites. Do your own research before you do any business online and make sure you know how much your car insurance will cost before you buy your new car.
Cost-U-Less is here to help! If you have any questions on auto insurance, talk to a Cost-U-Less agent for your free quote today!

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July2014 – Review!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

We recently received a reply card back in the mail from one of our customers.  It is always a pleasure to hear great news!

Owner  of  a 2006 VW Bug — Dee Trotter — Service provided – replacement of two sensors

Overall experience – 10

Friendliness of Staff – 10



Don’t’ ever go to an automated phone system.  Terry Miller kept me informed throughout the repairs.  (someone please brush that dog).


I am so happy that our changes in customer communication have resulted in a happy customer!!!

Regarding our shop dog… Brody – Poor dog gets so stressed out if we try to brush him.. he actually has be be knocked out to be groomed.  So we have him professionally groomed two times a year.  He loves treats though–so if you remember.. bring some by.


Shop Dog

Shop Dog

A final note about Brody..  don’t pet his ears.. he will never forgive you…  and he remembers everyone who is nice and everyone who rubs his ears… Silly dog.




New Google Review !! — Thank you Laura!!

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Terry and John

Terry and John

We have a new Google Review!! – Thank you Laura!! We know that it takes a special person to go out of their way to go online and write a review. This is especially true for the Positive reviews. All of our reviews are organic and not paid for. So.. from the bottom of our hearts… we thank you!

Laura M

Without a doubt, these guys are the best in town- if not in Northern Colorado! They’ve worked on all my VW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes. Not the cheapest place in town, but not as expensive as the dealer. Don’t think I’d ever go to a place that advertised as being the “cheapest”- my cars (and yours) deserve to be serviced by great folks….such as European Motor Cars. John, Terry, Kevin & Bob will always get my business. We also have purchased 3 cars from these guys! Kevin is doing a great job managing the sales store. Always professional, polite and humorous! Great guy to buy from! Stop by and see these folks and you won’t be disappointed.

Feel Free to leave one of your own!!
European Motor Cars Inc. Fort Collins – Google Search