July2014 – Review!

We recently received a reply card back in the mail from one of our customers.  It is always a pleasure to hear great news!

Owner  of  a 2006 VW Bug — Dee Trotter — Service provided – replacement of two sensors

Overall experience – 10

Friendliness of Staff – 10



Don’t’ ever go to an automated phone system.  Terry Miller kept me informed throughout the repairs.  (someone please brush that dog).


I am so happy that our changes in customer communication have resulted in a happy customer!!!

Regarding our shop dog… Brody – Poor dog gets so stressed out if we try to brush him.. he actually has be be knocked out to be groomed.  So we have him professionally groomed two times a year.  He loves treats though–so if you remember.. bring some by.


Shop Dog

Shop Dog

A final note about Brody..  don’t pet his ears.. he will never forgive you…  and he remembers everyone who is nice and everyone who rubs his ears… Silly dog.




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